Finndon Group to Launch New Investment Platform

Finndon group, one of the new challenger bank investment houses in Europe, has announced that it will be launching an online investment platform in the upcoming New Year. The move, which is expected to draw thousands of investors to its new age platform, will make the firms’ popular and profitable managed account services easily accessible to all investors. According to its Director John Swift, this upgrade in technology offers convenience, lower expenses and the ability to check the progress of an investment at any time. He also adds that the online platform, coupled with the company’s brand of experienced financial services, will open doors to plenty of investment opportunities.

New Digital investment plateform for uk property investors

Going digital: Finndon Group is hoping its new online platform will revolutionise the way Mini Bonds are purchased.

By introducing an online investment platform, Finndon Group is able to expand its services from a limited (Ltd) property development company to online wealth management as well. Finndon Group has a team of expert financial consultants with over 100 years of experience between them. Online users will be able to obtain expert advice when making important investment decisions. For John Swift, this is what distinguishes Finndon Group’s online platform from the rest. He says that having human interaction is still necessary and an option that many users will welcome.

The online investment platform comes with many additional benefits. The slick design and user experience make it very easy to navigate and use. Furthermore, investors are not charged any set-up fees nor asked to pay expensive management fees when they join Finndon Group platform.

 Deciding to go digital

Finndon Group is not the first investment house to launch an online service. Other firms are already providing their clients the option to purchase Mini-bonds online. However, Finndon Group is one of the very few investment firms that provides full transparency online as well as over the phone. Asset-back property investments are one of the safest investment options since they are not as volatile as other asset classes such as stocks and foreign currencies. Through its online platform, Finndon Group hopes its user-friendly interface creates an ideal sweet spot that would appeal to novice, intermediate or expert investors, focusing on UI/UX stability will help establish a strong online presence.